Cause and Effect Essay Outline Should Look Like This

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A student composes a text like this when trying to analyze and investigate how something happened, along with what happened after that event, to obtain a clear picture of a process or event. Most teachers ask to write this assignment as it develops critical skills and enriches knowledge. The primary goal is to grasp the logic behind different actions. That is how a student can benefit as a young writer and prevent various issues in the future. This task helps to gain and develop the inherent ability to comprehend.

Just like any other writing assignment, this type should have a clear plan so that the writer does not get stuck or get lost during the process. In this post, we delve into how to write a cause and effect essay outline. We are going to cover all the sections.

Introduction to Your Essay

The aim of the opening is to set the audience up with an idea of what you wish to bring up and offer background info. The initial part of an essay must have these elements:

  • Hook
    It is a very first sentence or a couple that has to generate intrigue and make people want to read the entire piece. An author may choose between a quotation, joke, shocking fact, credible statistics, or something else. They may even cite a poem or provide a rhetorical question.
  • Basic info
    To make it clear for the reader as to what they can expect, a writer must come up with background info, explaining what the piece will talk about in the body. The reader has to understand why the issue matters. Here, quickly reflect on the cause and effect outline.
  • Thesis statement
    Before writing one, think about showcasing the link between the opening passage and the rest of the text. A thesis statement is the bee's knees of your task. It consists of one or more lines that cover the central point of the text. Ensure it fits your cause and effect essay outline as you will have to come back to it in every passage of the body. Also, check whether you have enough information from credible sources to support this statement.

The main aim here is to stress and highlight how and why the particular event relates to reality and how the readers can benefit from reading your work. For instance, if you are bringing up the Cold War, show how it is relevant for the recent political events. Think about a smooth segue to the body part at the end of this section.

Body of Your Essay

It is the largest part of a cause and effect essay outline. It typically covers three to five passages. When starting a new paragraph, think about a topic sentence - the claim that is linked to the thesis statement and is supported with evidence and examples. Indicate the first result of the issue. Define why some things take place (the reasons) and where they can take us (consequences). For example, "When a man kills another man intentionally, he has to be sent to prison."

Every passage of the body must cover just one reason and one outcome. You may go with results first or combine them with outcomes. Arrange info in a chronological or reverse order. Experts recommend listing the reasons and smoothly transitioning to the results. That way, the picture will be clearer for the audience. Assess both sides by discussing how and why an outcome impacted something. Check if that info relates to your main argument.

Insert the so-called transition blocks. Those are the vital building blocks of a cause and effect essay outline that serve as bridges. They link the entire text together. Do not simply try to achieve the necessary word count by coming up with weak outcomes - think carefully and add only relevant and credible details. Also, offer instances to support your talking points. Those can be taken from trustworthy sources or examples that you have personally experienced.

Describe the cause

The student should discuss the current case and make its significance obvious. Think of it as a tool that helps your target audience identify the main point of the story. Don't spill information on the readers' heads from the get-go. For instance, if you speak about the loss of citizen rights for privacy, concentrate on the tech that impacts individual freedom.

Describe the effect

The writer should list and elaborate on the numerous possible outcomes and show in what manner they jump from causes to effects.

Multiple reasons - single effect

If you pick this approach to a cause and effect essay outline, focus on explaining how various reasons lead to a specific chain of events. The goal is to define the reasons that can come from multiple areas and explain how they lead to specific outcomes. If you are covering global warming, present how deforestation and air pollution impact this issue. If you can, test the problem from various standpoints and offer various factors. In this case, a cause and effect essay outline template will look this way:

  • Introductory part
  • Body (cause one, cause two, cause three, etc.)
  • Concluding section

One cause - multiple effects

If you select this strategy, then discuss the consequences of some issue or event. For you, it is necessary to conduct the study to show that you fully grasp what the subject is and why it matters. You don't have to persuade the audience of anything. Just list the facts and demonstrate how and why they took place and what they resulted in:

  • Introductory part
  • Body (effect one, effect two, etc.)
  • Concluding paragraph

Chain of causes and effects

The most unpopular kind of cause and effect essay. It is necessary to highlight here the way several actions and outcomes may result in a single (universal) conclusion. Many call it the most curious and rewarding format of this academic assignment.

  • Introduction
  • Body (cause 1, effect 1 - cause 2, effect 2 = cause 3, etc.)
  • Conclusion

The student slects the preferred cause and effect essay outline unless the instructions from the teacher state otherwise.

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