Best Topics for Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

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Definition of a Cause and Effect Essay

As it's possible to derive from the name, this type of task answers questions, "How?" "Why?" "What for?" or, "In what way?" Here, the issue is not simply described, it's broken down into the reasons and consequences to establish logical connections between them. Therefore, good cause and effect topics should provide clear questions and answers. We want to stress the importance of clarity and conciseness even more because this factor decides whether the reader will understand where you are coming from.

Still, we have to remember that it's quite hard to find a topic which has a simple explanation, or only one reason and a single consequence. As a rule, many issues have multiple reasons for existing as well as many implications, so you should consider that before dealing with your text. For instance, if your head aches, there might be an endless amount of causations - tiredness, stress, some other illnesses, or health conditions. The outcomes of having a headache can also be different - troubles with sleep, irritability, inability to concentrate.

That is why most causation and result think pieces have quite a complicated structure as their paragraphs discuss different aspects while still being connected to one problem. While that might seem like an obstacle, you can try to determine one main reason or one main effect and highlight them in your thesis statement, which will also help with drawing a conclusion later.

Cause and Effect Essay Structure

Depending on the complexity of the subject and your preference, there are a few ways you can present your points. It is more common to start with the causations to introduce the reader to the issue, but it is also possible to start with the results.

If you decide to list causations first, you can include them into one paragraph or break them down into a few sections, depending on the required size of your task. After you have listed the causes, deal with the effects in a similar way: either combine them into one paragraph, or write a few separate ones. Remember to begin each section with a topic sentence to maintain consistency in your piece.

Regardless of the number of causes and effects, you need to write a thesis statement in your introduction. It might be easier for you to define your thesis after you have composed the first draft so that you can see where the strongest argument is. Or, you can brainstorm your ideas beforehand and write with a clear structure in your head.

It is advisable to create an outline for your essay. After coming up with the essay topic, write down your essay ideas in a logical sequence. Let us provide you with an example of a causation and effect essay outline on a topic mentioned before:

  • Introduction: having a headache is a common symptom of many diseases and health conditions.

Here, you provide some statistics or give general information about the subject.

  • Thesis statement: the most common reasons for headaches are stress, lack of sleep, and poor posture, which results in the inability to concentrate, exhaustion, and irritability.

If you can combine the main points of your piece into one sentence, that is the best option. Still, you can simply mention that the issue has a few causes and effects as well as provide some insights on its improvement or further actions.

  • Body paragraph(s) I: stress, lack of sleep, and poor posture as three causations of headaches.

You can discuss them separately or in one paragraph, just remember to provide a strong topic sentence at the beginning of each.

  • Body paragraph(s) II: inability to concentrate, exhaustion, and irritability.

The same structure of combining or dividing the ideas applies to this part. Be consistent: if you have separated the reasons into different paragraphs, do the same with the results.

  • Body paragraph III: it is possible to prevent headaches by sleeping well, exercising, and eating healthy food.

Provide one or a few solutions to the problem or some facts on the potential development of the situation.

  • Conclusion: one can prevent harmful causes and effects of headaches by getting more sleep, exercising, and eating healthy food.

Sum up the main ideas by mentioning a solution to the problem. You can also highlight the thesis statement again to remind the reader about your initial argument.

Cause and Effect Paper Topics

The most important step in writing a cause-effect essay is when you need to choose a topic. If the subject wasn't specified by your institution, you have an advantage, as you can choose one which appeals to you and will be interesting to research. You can focus on topics from any areas: social media, communication skills, environment, human health, domestic violence, mental health; the only vital aspect is your ability to define clear causes and effects of the issue.

Nevertheless, finding easy cause and effect topics might be tricky. To provide you with some essay topic ideas, we prepared a cause and effect essay topics list for you. Feel free to use any of them in your research!

Good cause and effect essay topics:

  • Influence of the Internet on Teenagers
  • Causes and Effects of Pollution
  • Potential Dangers of Technological Progress
  • Causes and Effects of Civil Rights Movements
  • Impact of Video Games on Kids and Teenagers
  • Why Does Racism Exist?
  • Causes and Effects of Fast Food on Our Bodies
  • What Causes Domestic Violence?
  • Effects of Social Media on Modern Generation
  • Growing up with a Single Parent
  • Can You Avoid Destructive Relationships?

Tip: the best topics for your essay should be well-researched and backed up with statistics and other evidence. While you might be tempted to discuss a new and controversial issue, you still need to support your claim with quotations and academic sources.

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