Conclusion Sentence to Leave a Long-lasting Impression

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One of the keys to crafting a powerful essay is writing a conclusion that will leave a long-lasting impression. Succeeding in this type of assignment is not simple, as many students fail to earn the highest grades for their papers. Writing a concluding sentence is as important as creating an introductory line.

While the opening line should make the first impression, motivating the audience to keep on reading the text, the last sentence must leave the final impression. What is the goal here? The aim is to make the readers want to explore the topic on their own and contribute to the investigation of the offered problem. The impression from the topic might be good or bad, but a writer should try to leave the best impression of their writing style and presentation of information.

The idea is to make people want to read the entire text and observe the topic after your presentation. Before we analyze how to create a closing sentence, it's essential to recall some other parts. An introduction paragraph presents the topic and motivates the readers to study the work. The main body involves vital data, arguments, supporting details, examples, and facts. Finally, the cornerstone is the last paragraph. It is more than a paraphrased thesis statement, and this post will explain how to make the last word of your story work for you.

How to Create the Final Paragraph and Last Sentence

To write a concluding sentence, it is critical to realize that it must serve as a signal that your story is coming to a logical end. Closing the final thoughts on a specific topic is a common gap in the writings of many students. Usually, it is not enough. Although a concluding part should be no longer than a single paragraph (5-6 lines), it has to contain several necessary elements.

Students who wish to learn how to write a good conclusion have to know the two types of a conclusion sentence:

  1. Definitive
  2. Conclusive

The last paragraph is a summary of the previous sections. Simultaneously, the writers should not include any new information in the last sentence; the audience needs to be able to define the primary ideas from the final part. The writers should show how all of the past sections relate to the closing paragraph. The concluding sentence starters are used for those purposes, and here are some examples of that:

  • In conclusion
  • Overall
  • As a result
  • Thus
  • Therefore
  • Lastly
  • Hence
  • As expressed
  • Finally
  • In general

A good conclusion paragraph should always start with one of the phrases above. Experts recommend starting with the body paragraphs so that it would be easier to summarize the whole work later in an intro and conclusion. The writers make the last sentence to identify the end of the entire story. The audience should not expect any new information or continuations.

The best way to create a logical flow in any essay is to use transitional phrases. The readers expect to see a final statement with a logical conclusion instead of having to guess what will come up next and what the author was trying to say initially. But note that the final point should show no pressure. It is critical to insert an essay conclusion in the right place at the right time.

Features that identify a concluding sentence

So, we have explained how necessary it is to create a concluding sentence. Another question is what elements should pop up in the concluding paragraph and sentence of an essay or research paper to let the readers realize that they have come to the end of the story. Here is a check-list for you:

  • An overview of the ideas covered in the final section (brief summary);
  • Reiteration of the primary subject or issue;
  • Discussion of the key points that have been addressed before;
  • Rephrased thesis statement (in case it was not used in the first sentence);
  • Keywords related to the main point.

A conclusion sentence is the last sentence of the summary. These sentences vary based on the purposes and writing style of an author. It depends on whether the student initially writers descriptive, cause and effect, persuasive, extended, or another type of writing task.

A concluding sentence often provides food for thought. Though the writer finishes the story, it is okay if the readers keep on researching the offered problem to obtain more data and info. That helps to come up with more efficient solutions and answers. The idea is to emphasize and convey the main message to the audience. Make sure that the sentences that go earlier in the text tie up all the info suggested by putting the summary into different words.

For example, if you deal with a compare and contrast paper, juxtapose the subjects that you used to analyze to stress what makes them different and what makes them similar. We write a conclusion to prove once again that your main idea is correct.

Examples of Concluding Sentences from Experts

Finally, the conclusion provides you with the last chance to impress the audience and leave a long-lasting impression. Do you need an excellent piece for the English language class? If you hire our writers, they will do more than include brief summary bits. They will create the last topic sentence using different approaches and methods that are effective to ensure that you'll get the highest grade for your work. Here are some great conclusion sentence examples so that you have an overall picture of what we can do for you:

  • "To sum up, I insist that vegetarian diets may lead to the all-cause type of morality, along with some gaps in cause-particular morality, proving that this type of diet is relatively safe for human health."
  • "To summarize everything said above, females of the 1940s modified their roles and reputation of sexuality with no damage to their rights, which contradicts the main complaints from the feminine movement of the last decade."

It is possible to make the ending of your text interesting without introducing new information. Our professional essay writing team is always ready to assist you with your tasks. Without introducing a new idea to your audience, our writers will make them realize the significance of the topic, as well as your position.

Order a great piece with an impressive conclusion

No matter what your academic level is, our experts can raise it. With the help of numerous writing resources and data centers, our professionals access everything necessary to develop a winning piece for school, college, and university students. As soon as you place an order, you'll get a generous discount code and free perks, like useful tips.

You can also order other parts of an academic writing task, should it be an abstract or annotated bibliography. Having a custom-written last sentence is more useful than having a conclusion example - it will be tailored to your text and needs and created just for you. We will make all the parts of the text fit together. Open the order form and follow the simple ordering steps - and you'll get a unique piece from our team of professionals!

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