Evaluation Essay Topics to Impress Your Teacher

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An evaluation essay is similar to a review. The aim is to show a value judgment based on a set of criteria; the authors judge if the subject of their discussion is good or bad, or make a comparison of the topic to others. It is critical to include all elements of this task:

  1. The judgment (general opinion)
  2. Reasons to make a certain decision or take a position
  3. Supporting and credible evidence

Saying, "because I think so," is not enough in this type of academic writing. It is necessary to offer facts and statistics that prove your decision. For example, take such pieces of writing as book reports, movie reviews, restaurant feedbacks, product analysis, and opinion - those would be great examples of evaluative writing. As you may notice, professional reviews are written by people who have seen the discussed movies or read the described books. That is why their feedback is only partially subjective. In case you used to (and you like to) write satire, this type of assignment will be easy and fun for you.

Students of high school who attend arts and literature classes love evaluation pieces.

Simultaneously, some of them experience difficulties with this task, starting from choosing evaluative essay topics, finishing with the editing and proofreading. Selecting the ideas for a good evaluation essay is one of the most challenging steps as you may want to cover many different films, books, and other pieces of art. It is hard to focus only on one choice.

It is possible to select several interrelated evaluation essay topics. Your work will look better and more persuasive if you offer a powerful opinion - positive or negative - about the theme.

List of the Best Topic Ideas for Your Evaluation Essay to Get Warmed Up!

Experts recommend picking essay topic ideas based on your knowledge, skills, and experience. So avoid themes that you lack understanding of. Finally, select something that you have faced in real life or something that you have fully studied so that you can review it more-or-less objectively. An evaluation essay topic can belong to one of the following categories:

  • Performance (play, gig, fashion show, sports event, etc.)
  • Products (album, book, item, painting, etc.)
  • Experience (shop, club, vacation, cafe, etc.)
  • Location (zoo, park, museum, event venue, etc.)

It is possible to look through social media for some evaluation essay ideas. By entering the keywords in the Google search field, you'll obtain all the possible results that you can use in your writing, or read carefully through the recommended evaluation essay topics to come up with a great piece:

  • Fast food meal - how would you describe your impressions of the McDonald's menu and compare it to Burger King?
  • Restaurant evaluation topics
  • Choose one or more cafes to describe top photo editing apps for professional photographers
  • Social behavior difficulties discovered in teenagers
  • How and why movie crews use special effects
  • Playing video games (a review of a battle royale game)
  • Observing the major literary movement of the XX century
  • Discussing health care reforms that were recently introduced
  • The favorite sports team (football, hockey, etc.)
  • The analysis of recent posts on COVID-19
  • Effectiveness of advertising via Instagram or Facebook
  • Describing and analyzing the major events of World War II
  • Effective marketing strategies for promoting goods and services on Facebook
  • How would you rate the closest Chinese restaurant in your district?
  • Digital textbook on creating websites: is it helpful?
  • Pre-cooked food from a supermarket versus the one that you make on your own
  • Evaluating the most recent limitations directed against the use of phones while driving
  • Choose a book, like a modern romance one, and assess it
  • Critical reflection on opportunities provided by the World Wide Web
  • Assessing the latest Xbox and PS models
  • Sporting event - the complete observation and discussion of the results
  • The latest model of Samsung: does it have more pros or cons?
  • Deciding on the components that make a couple of coffee shops the best in your region
  • The changes in communication patterns as the result of the Internet
  • Analyzing the problem solution (for instance, handling the consequences of the flu)
  • Evaluating a romantic movie starring Jennifer Lopez
  • Pick one of the educational online platforms that offer tutoring and discuss it
  • One of the loudest military conflicts the US was involved in
  • Assessing Google as the most popular search engine in the world (its success factors)
  • Is the specific software for web design worth of its money?
  • Analyzing the social relationships between two random people
  • Discussing why television physics shows are popular in the United States
  • Comparing fast food prices in McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King
  • Highlights in westernization and social conflict that it causes
  • The advantages and disadvantages of watching soccer games in a sports bar or pub
  • Influence of TV learning programs on high school students' performance
  • "Alexander" the movie: does it reflect the reality?
  • Why does cultural shock take place?
  • Is David Beckham's play overestimated or underestimated?
  • Pros and cons of using Wikipedia for scientific projects
  • The cultural diversity of the United States population
  • Emma Watson's role in "Harry Potter and Deathly Hollows:" how did her character evolve during the series?
  • Assess the impact of the National Junior College Athletic Association's actions on a team's performance in Oklahoma
  • Taoism and Indian culture: drawing the parallels
  • Kevin Durant and his impact on the income of his native basketball team
  • To which extent the sequel copies the original film (e.g., "Blade Runner 2049")?
  • The way modern US citizens perceive the stand-up genre
  • Analyze the way prices are set in one of the local restaurants
  • Can you name several cafes that offer tasty, high-quality, and relatively cheap food in your community?
  • How different types of heavy music impact college students
  • Factors that push young people to kill or commit other types of crime

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