How to Write an Exemplification Essay: Tips and Topics

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As we already know, various essays have different goals. Our today's topic is the exemplification essay. This type is the most underestimated and difficult. Many people claim it to be a nightmare. However, an exemplification piece isn't as horrible as many students portray it. Continue to read the article where our professional writers will provide good exemplification writing guidelines.

Exemplification Essay Definition

"What is an exemplification essay?" It is the most addressed question. An exemplification essay is like an argumentative essay and displays specific examples to prove a point. An argumentative paper delves into credible sources to support the claim, whereas an exemplification paper gives relevant examples only. Writing an exemplification essay, you have to insert examples using the deducting method. The main idea is to provide brief examples and then move on to more specific examples.

Exemplification Essay Structure

An exemplification piece must have three main items in the same order:

  • Introduction
  • Body section
  • Conclusion

Make sure to include every paragraph in the text, adding relevant facts.

How to Write an Exemplification Essay

The best exemplification essay has every paragraph working for its purpose. To write a good piece, you have to write transitional sentences between main arguments proving their credibility. "How to do research then?" You might ask. Since the introduction body relies on a thesis, you have to include clear arguments from authoritative sources. You may find such evidence on Google Scholar or similar reputable sources.

However, before diving into the writing process, you have to identify the topic. Remember that topics must be precise; you have to find good examples. You don't write rhetorical analysis here but strive to convey an exact message to the reader.

Topics for exemplification essays vary. If you need to compose an excellent exemplification piece, think about the subject. Can you provide the readers with solid evidence? Take a look at some topic ideas. We separated these ideas, depending on the academic level.

Good Exemplification Essay Topics for Middle School Students

Middle school students may get such an assignment frequently. Exemplification essay topics for middle school are straightforward, but you have to brainstorm ideas to write a successful essay. Although many topics are on the Internet, the following are the best ideas if you are in middle school:

  1. How to improve employee productivity?
  2. Why are manual labor jobs undervalued?
  3. How does climate change impact our lives?
  4. Pitfalls of the fast-food industry: should fast food change?
  5. Definition of education: do we learn the right things?
  6. What is the point of art today?
  7. Do vitamins correlate with nutrients?
  8. How does social media impact our world?
  9. Modern children: will they have a brighter future?
  10. Gun control: what can we do to make life safer?

High School Exemplification Essay Topics

High school students will agree that an exemplification essay may be assigned frequently. And it is always good to be prepared for this task. High school demands more from you when it comes to academic writing. Moreover, professors will expect way more specific information to evaluate whether you are ready to work for a college degree. To choose a relevant subject, take a look at the paper topics:

  1. College degree today: do teachers have to provide improved learning?
  2. How to make a better learning environment in the face of COVID-19?
  3. Using social media for academic purposes.
  4. First world war and the US: did it improve our economy?
  5. Fast food restaurants: COVID-19 and food consumption.
  6. Using genetic engineering to cure human diseases: is it right?
  7. COVID-19 and the system of education.
  8. Why do college students have to study four times a week?
  9. Climate change: why we have to be afraid of it.
  10. Gun regulations: should we change them?

Essay Topic Ideas for College Students

You are more likely to complete homework than writing an exemplification essay. Still, you can get this task done. The following essay topics list will help you choose a relevant subject if you are stuck and can't think of a good written discourse:

  1. We will be littered with plastic bottles in the nearest future: why people lost their minds.
  2. Product placement increases unnecessary consumerism.
  3. Eating disorders: people have to be scared.
  4. Higher education lags behind: good examples of the US and the UK systems.
  5. Gender discrimination: why we have problems.
  6. Manual labor: can we do something else other than complaining?
  7. Fake news has become the norm.
  8. Communication skills and nervous system: something worth advancing.
  9. National economy and COVID-19: one last time on the street before the lockdown.
  10. Veterans and mental health: two unrelated things. What's our role?

Exemplification Essay Outline

When picking a good theme, you should also make an outline. An outline is a short plan for your content. It must include an opening sentence, a thesis statement, brief body paragraphs with every topic sentence, and a conclusion. Remember to write the thesis statement as a whole.

Topics Tips

Try to find the paper type you need and check how comprehensible it is. Your version should be the same. To make it similar in coherence and logic, consider these tips:

  • Compose an essay topic list of subjects you know well. Choose one from the topics list you can illustrate the best.
  • Create a paper outline, and if it's hard to craft an academic paper, pick another topic from the list.
  • Pick a topic that interests your audience the most.
  • Get involved in the actual writing process. The best paper has a common topic. Your examples illustrate your proficiency.

Essay Writing Tips

To ease the process of writing an exemplification paper, we prepared a useful guide. You're free to employ these tips every time when writing:

  • Avoid repeating certain words
    The best way to diversify your language is through dictionaries.
  • Make an exemplification paragraph no more than 150 words
    Well-written paragraphs have concise details.
  • First things first, write a good main point
    You should connect the first paragraph of your body part with the first example (stated in your thesis statement).
  • Choose a topic you have a knack for
    You will find that it is much easier to complete. Avoid broad topics.
  • The conclusion is also important
    Please remember to rephrase your thesis statement and wrap up the paper's content, i.e., examples and arguments.

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Exemplification essay writing may seem hard. But you can hire a writer from our writing service, and the next step will be you getting a finished paper! Feel free to ask about exemplification essay examples. Our expert will include everything you need. We take into account every bit of detail not only to meet the requirements but also to fulfill your expectations. Isn't that a good way of dealing with assignments?

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