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How often do you happen to want to buy a good novel but can't find the one that really interests you? Many people pay attention to the plot summary, but a few sentences about the main storyline cannot give you a complete picture.

In that case, you can pay attention to the reviews or a basic book report of the novel, and then you will have a main idea of ​​the main content. And then you can decide for yourself if this work will be interesting for you or if it is worth looking for something else and postpone this text until better times.

What It Is and How to Write a Book Report

To write a good report of an effective book, additionally to the text you are reviewing, you should have a notepad and a pen in your hands: the report is written at the stage of reading. To do that, as you read the work, mark the ideas on what you are reading, write down your thoughts, attitude to what you are reading, highlight the most vivid and favorite moments, ideas that come to your mind, etc. There is no need to enter data about the author and extra touches of his biography here - this is basic information available to everyone, as a rule, and is of interest to a narrow circle.

The report can be written in the form of a free essay-reasoning, and here it is enough to lay out your opinion and reasoning on the topic of all the plot lines and heroes of the work, to highlight your evidence that it is your opinion that is valid. Then you should draw a conclusion based on everything you have read, i.e., give your assessment of the novel and write tips (recommendations) as to who might like this work.

The second option for book report writing is the same main concept as in the first case, but several points are also introduced about how the author came up with the idea to write this literary piece, how the writing a book report process went, and several book report examples from the novel are included in the report to better illustrate the story.

The style of your report depends a lot on who your description is for. If you are going to create a good book report for a wide range of readers, then it can be a lively, artistic-style composition. For many students, journalists, and writers themselves, the journalistic style (scientific) is most suitable.

There is no obligatory, strictly structured scheme for writing a book report. It will simply harm your work because here, you share your thoughts and impressions, and if you still have to subject them to some requirements, then this will no longer be a free presentation, and all the liveliness of writing will simply disappear.

The mood of your recollection of events is also of particular importance. For example, it can be a critical report, which considers all the moments that caused your bewilderment. You have read the work and saw in it a lot of inconsistencies, false information, etc.

Neutral feedback is the most common form of writing that simply introduces the general meaning of the text and expresses the thoughts about it.

All reports should be aimed at expressing your opinion about what you have read, and you should choose to read a great book. Simultaneously, to make the task of writing a great book report easier for you, take a notepad and pen, and as you read the novel or article, make notes, write down your thoughts, mark the moments you like the most. When you start a book report writing, these notes will help you remember everything that worried you as you read, you can easily make a report plan and can clearly express your position on the literary text. As for the specific requirements that should be in your report, make sure it is a description of the main ideas that the author of the novel wanted to convey to his reader and your assessment of how successful this task was for the writer from your point of view.

How to write a book report plan or book report outline:

  • Introductory paragraph. General information about the text, its author, title, where the story takes place, and time. Also, where and when the characters of the book meet and how, your opinion on the relevance of the issues that are being brought up in the text;
  • Body paragraphs. Your personal opinion of the novel as a whole and proof that it is valid. Here, you should present a couple of points that you think might be of interest to readers;
  • Concluding paragraph. A book report requires a conclusion about the work as a whole and assessment of everything you read, both positive and negative (if you have any);
  • Recommendations as to at what age people need to familiarize themselves with this work.

So, the key point of the review is your vivid impression of the work, and it just needs to be formalized, correctly written, and presented to other readers for judgment.

Book Review: What Is It and How to Write It?

As a rule, it is a small text, just a couple of pages of standard size, which includes an overview of the literary text, consideration of its main plot lines, characteristics of the characters.

The review can be:

  • Official and such a review is intended for specialized publications, printed products of national importance. The writing style of such a review is neutral, without a bright emotional coloring, everything is restrained and in compliance with etiquette;
  • Functional is necessary to achieve certain goals with a future readership. Such a review is being written on the orders of publishers who need to profitably sell the entire circulation of the novel, at the request of the author himself or an enemy who wants to denigrate the writer;
  • The informative one is intended for the readership and potential buyers who must decide for themselves whether they need this novel or it is not worth spending their money. Such a review should have a bright color, very little character analysis, a couple of the most interesting excerpts or phrases from the text of the novel;
  • Publicist recognizes the need for the work, in which some important problem or a relevant issue for society can be raised;
  • An essay as your opinion and reasoning for your whole life, based on the main theses of the literary piece. It is a flowery style full of mystery and analogy;
  • A critical review analyzes both the author and his work literally in molecules, and even the smallest mistakes of the writer are laid out, his worldview is criticized, and claims are brought up;
  • The private review is a lively and vivid review, in which there are no restrictions on the language of presentation, there may be different slang expressions.

When you start writing a review, the type of audience that will read it is always taken into account, and the writing process depends on this factor.

The review should consist of:

  • Head - a bright, immediately striking title to start a review off, which clearly shows the desired attitude in the piece;
  • Neck - a few introductory lines that should set the whole tone of your presentation and show the reader what will be discussed later, just a content plan or report format;
  • Body - your actual thoughts about the work, the author, analogy with other books of the writer, book details;
  • Tail - your conclusions, a short book summary of all of the above.
  • The review must indicate the data about the author, the title of the piece, mention whether it is a new work or a reprint of a previously published work.
  • It is imperative to indicate the genre of the work and lay out the characteristics of the main storylines, a description of the main character, where the story takes place and time of action, the most key moments of the entire story, literary devices.

The review does not welcome an emotional color, it is a clear, scientific, journalistic style of presentation, there should not be any subjective assessments, because your personal opinion and feelings should not influence the opinion of another person. Those who write a book summary need to be completely distracted from personal impressions of the book cover and their relationship to the author of the work.

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