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As a student of a typical college, you will not have to write a memorandum (a.k.a. a memo). However, if you attend an official business school to obtain BBA and MBA, get ready to face this assignment multiple times throughout your academic years. This word stands for the reminder and is written and used within organizations to discuss and explain certain procedures that help to run a business. The recipient is the company's staff. One can either message a particular team or the entire organization. Usually, the memo's purpose is to:

  • Make employees aware of the specific events;
  • Broadcast internal changes;
  • Make the process of communication simpler and more effective;
  • Deliver important information clearly.

No matter whether the company is big or small, the odds are that its representatives will have to write memo docs from time to time. When done improperly, the attempt to attract attention will fail. Thus, employees risk missing vital information, and that is what makes them wonder how to write a memo. It is not the simplest task. Every business doc is critical and that is why it is critical to learn how to write them effectively and obtain the desired results.

Structure of an Effective Business Memorandum

When thinking about how to write a memo, the first thing that may come to your mind is the proper structure. A business memo format is nothing like a letter or another document. One may skip a salutation and signature, while it does not work for most of the official documentation. The primary goal is to inform the staff, making them want to take action or start working following the addressed internal changes. That's why it is critical to come up with a powerful call-to-action (CTA) when writing business memo docs.

To write business memo documents, one should decide on the structure. Some sources offer seven parts of this document, while others claim that four main sections are enough. It could go like this: the subject line or title (usually, just the type of a doc), the recipient(s), the sender(s), date, subject, and the body. However, this business memo template offers fewer sections:


Once again, it is enough to specify that it is a memo, and nothing else. Provide the full name of the doc, memorandum, and accompany it with the name and address (if necessary). You may simply specify the title of your department or include nothing else but your name and position in the company.


That is a critical part. Mostly, memos are not written for a single person, they typical address a few people instead of the entire corporation. If it is for internal communication alone, the company's address is not necessary.


That is an essential part of this document. Do not forget to add the dates to inform the employees about the upcoming conferences, meetings, seminars, etc.


Write down the body of your document, describing the objectives, relevant background information, and reasons to act as the note states. Add a powerful call-to-action, in the end, to sound more persuasive.

That is the standard memo format that is given by the Purdue University online. Do not forget about the smallest details as they add authenticity - such things as a new policy change, for example, is of the utmost importance, so your document should sound as credible and serious as possible. Here is one of the memo examples so that you understand the structure:


To: Marketing Department

From: John Abrahams, CEO (a job title is not always required)

Date: June 22, 2019

Subject: Issues with the Latest App Release

Make paragraphs short and use clear language. You may also want more recommendations from the academic and business writing experts.

Effective Tips to Make You Understand How to Write a Memo

We can say that this document is used to disseminate info or announce something. They serve as internal news. The best and most common way to spread this document is to email memo, and that is why it is important to ensure the text is perfectly formatted and is free of mistakes. Also, you should state the subject clearly in the Subject field of an email. A memo might include more than the word Memorandum in its heading, so you may think about an engaging title for your message.

It is critical to remember that a memorandum does not require a response. That is why you should avoid asking questions unless they are rhetorical and provide enough information so that the reader will not have any questions left. You may send memo docs via email or use other methods of distribution. It is possible to post the text to bulletin boards around the company or leave it in the office or mailroom. A memorandum is not a typical conversation between the two sides.

To find out how to write a memo for effective business communication, you should also know some secrets. First of all, you should choose Times New Roman as the preferred font to make it easy to read. Keep in mind these memo writing tips:

  • Lucidity

A clear concise memo is your goal here. Do not fall off-topic and avoid including useless details in this document.

  • Precision

Your document should have a clearly stated objective. It is possible to modify various business points and inform about the changes immediately.

  • Writer identification

The target audience might be detected improperly, but it matters that the author has to be clearly stated.

  • Length

Keep in mind one golden rule: less is more. Considering any good business memo example, you can notice that this rule works; you don't want your partners or staff to waste their time reading lengthy texts with many useless details. Get straight to the point. Make sure that the length of your document does not exceed one page. Make it a brief doc that is easy to read and understand, so do not include abbreviations and professional terms.

A memo does not require any supporting evidence, executive summary, and references page. You may use bullet points as the plain text might distract attention and look messy.

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