How to Write an Article Review: Professional Manual for College Students and Writers

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You might have written numerous reports by this time. If you need to understand whether the publication is worth of your attention, you can first read a smaller piece of content that gives a clue. An average student may one day face this task in college. Defining this assignment is the first step to learning how to write an article review. This type of writing is more than academic; it can be a professional piece when written for a business organization. Usually, it is difficult even for experts to handle this assignment and provide adequate critique - should we even elaborate on how challenging it might be for students?

What Is an Article Review Essay?

An article review is not a rare assignment. Teachers often assign this task to check how well a student has read the specific piece of text and analyzed the subject matter based on both author's thoughts and personal opinion. This task's purpose is to summarize and assess a reading to retrieve valuable information and understand the topic better. Through observing reports, a student learns more about the school subjects. The main purpose is to explain the message or lesson learned, logical development, and arguments of all sides of the debate.

Is it enough to summarize the given piece? A student should also become familiar with the masterpieces of renowned experts in a certain area. A writer must comprehend the nature of the text, primary claims, and messages. Teachers expect students to evaluate the subject. The integral steps of creating this assignment are preparation and crafting.

To gain a better understanding of the subject and write good review tasks, you should read this post. We'll provide you with valuable tips on where to order custom content if you lack the time or sources to compose a task on your own. Have a look at this piece to find out how to write an article review.

What Are the Types of This Task?

An article review example may help you to understand how to structure your work. The format might depend on the types of this document. The most popular and commonly applied types of this assignment are:

  • Literature review
    It is a survey of research papers like an author's thesis, textbook, newspapers, etc. The idea is to provide a wider scope providing an overview of concepts, outcomes of the study, and points that relate to the analyzed issue.
  • Critical review
    It is a written document aimed to evaluate a certain piece of writing on a relatively small scale. This task has to offer a summary and assessment of the info and points. It should involve the writer's perception based on what they understand about the subject matter and retrieved information from the analyzed source.
  • Research report
    It is a journal article review and analysis implementing a specific research methodology and retrospection to evaluation and critique.
  • Scientific report
    It is a piece that includes anything in the realm of science. This document must also include background information familiar to the author or the main research question.

What about the structure? If you are studying how to write an article review, remember that the introduction methods results conclusion formula works for an article critique as well. However, there might be some nuances, depending on the type.

Benefits of Knowing How to Write an Article Review

Students might benefit from observing different reports and a rhetorical analysis essay. They are similar in many points, and, by knowing the secrets of writing these documents, young people master new fields of study. Learning how to write an article review helps to develop many essential skills, including critical thinking, decision making, and research. Here are the main points arguments that should convince you of the importance of this academic assignment:

  • It assists with identifying the studies and findings in a certain area.
  • It can be applied as a reference in ongoing debates and discussions (use direct quotes from various sources to raise your credibility).
  • Studying reviews makes one investigate and discover new areas.
  • It facilitates the determination of the distinguished field experts.
  • It makes one detect the pitfalls in the study to generate more effective solutions.
  • It assists newcomers and beginners with improving the understanding of the subject and specific related topics.

The best idea is to use the American Psychological Association (APA) style when writing a journal article review. In every article published, the author should stick to the guidelines established by the target journal or magazine. To find out how to format properly, enter the keywords like "APA ASA Chicago" in Google, and you'll see plenty of results. We recommend sticking to the most recently published manuals on any formal academic style.

Structuring an article review

No matter which article review format you choose, the structure is the same as for an essay. Always start with choosing the article topic. Choose the topic and find a relevant publication, which is no older than five years; develop the thesis statement, which is the paraphrased author's main idea. Do not forget to include the author's name and the original article title. In any review article example, you may find that you have to include an abstract, introduction, body, and concluding paragraph.

In the case of an article review, it is necessary to include a summary of the content with the most significant arguments, suggestions, and facts. Then, the writer must add redeeming features - strong highlights. The last touch is the so-called drawbacks, meaning that a writer has to stress the pitfalls of the analyzed content, any contradictions, issues that cannot be solved, and more. Decide if the provided information is enough to support the primary claim.

Before getting to the process of writing, study the piece attentively. Supplement what you find with what you know about the topic (subject matter); it can be what you've covered in your educational institution or elsewhere. What previous knowledge do you refer to, and why? If it is possible to define the differences and similarities between the analyzed work and your existing knowledge, show that in your piece. If you misunderstand something in the original content, find out what the unknown words or questionable parts stand for or mean.

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