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Are you wondering how to write an illustration essay? This type of academic writing is all about your personal experience in the specific field of study, and you should recall various instances from your life or reliable resources to receive the highest possible score on your assignment. An illustrative paper has nothing to do with an analytical essay.

We will launch our guide with the illustration essay definition. Our experts have analyzed several of them to combine the main takeaways and form the fullest explanation for you.

What Is an Illustration Essay?

An illustrative essay is a rhetorical style that offers examples to defend the primary claim of the story. Examples are there to strengthen a point in a written work. Using examples, the author interprets different things and events more effectively, making the audience put themselves in the shoes of the story's heroes. An example appears at the paragraph level to highlight a significant idea or message. The illustrations have to be relevant and powerful to make the readers picture the object or event (and leave a long-lasting impression).

An illustration paper may remind you of descriptive or narrative writing. A specific illustration will assist with bringing the main message of the story to the light and make readers realize why it matters. Examples from real life help to prove that certain things exist.

You may have to write an illustration essay at any academic level: from high school to university. It is a great way to share valuable life experiences and show the knowledge of the particular subject and topic using vivid examples. The main idea is to conduct research to prove what you set out to prove. You may be full of examples for the provided topic, but it's necessary to share links to credible sources where this information can be found. It is part of the writing requirements.

A great deal of description is not the only key to success: your paper should be perfectly structured and formatted. The outline will look this way:

  1. Thesis formulated in the intro
  2. Introduction
  3. Body paragraphs with examples
  4. Examples to be demonstrated in the closing part
  5. Bibliography or references

Shall we look at the best illustration essay structure? How about some essay topics examples? Keep on reading this article developed by the professional writers from the top writing services if you wish to find the answers and create a brilliant illustration paper. So, how to write an illustration essay?

How to Come up with a Great Illustration Essay Topic?

Choosing one of the illustration essay topics is the initial step to developing a powerful paper for college that deserves the highest grade. The best way is to listen carefully to the lecturer and pick the topic related to one of the issues recently discussed in class. You may also download and analyze a good illustration essay sample. The internet is full of services where you can find free examples of different academic papers that you can use for your research (but be careful - do not copy-paste anything into your work to avoid plagiarism).

Think about something that bothers you. That way, you will kill two birds with one stone. You'll get valuable knowledge for various life cases, and illustration essay examples from the writing company, like us, will assist you with making the final decision. You can have a look at the most common illustration essay topics to get inspired:

  • Describe your experience as a part of the high school cheerleading team and college theatre group (compare and contrast)
  • Explain how you managed to successfully write a personal statement and pass a college application process
  • Why you believe that taking a plane to the target destination is much better than driving a car
  • Talk about your favorite vacation spot
  • Remarkable locations in your native state
  • The way different cultures perceive and consume fast food
  • The biggest challenges faced in your middle school
  • Identifying good personal relationships with college professors
  • Effective ways to investigate a crime (based on a famous TV series)
  • Dwell upon the essence of SEO expert work
  • How and where to get new information for college research papers

Did you enjoy our illustration essay ideas? It is time to move to the essay format and finally understand how to write an illustration essay to impress your teacher positively.

From Illustration Essay Outline to Works Cited Page

By using examples found online, you can picture how the structure of an illustrative paper should look. The good idea is to start with an illustration essay thesis. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as the least important part of an academic paper; every body paragraph, every topic sentence matters for the final grade.

A good essay of any type should include a powerful, clear thesis statement. It is the main point of the entire story, usually introduced at the end of the opening paragraph, and all the supporting facts that you manage to find should relate to this idea. The best way to create your piece is to start with a thesis, move on to the body paragraphs, and write an intro, and a conclusion once the rest of the work is done. An introduction and conclusion mostly consist of a summary. In an opening paragraph, a writer may also use different types of eye-catchers or hooks:

  • Interesting, relevant facts
  • Fresh, proven statistics
  • Jokes (if the chosen topic is not sensitive or too serious)
  • Rhetorical question
  • Citation
  • Personal judgment
  • Lines from favorite poetry, etc.

The opening depends on the various types of tasks: an exploratory essay, narrative, analysis, etc. You can find various examples of hooks in free examples of texts. Before moving to the body, insert some transition words - they should appear throughout the text and serve as the glue for different parts of your story. Transitions show how various ideas relate to each other. Every writer should use these words or phrases to make their sample shine and sound clear and meaningful to the audience:

  • To illustrate
  • In this case
  • Another
  • To compare
  • In contrast
  • To sum up, etc.

Apart from other useful writing tips, you may want to describe ways that you used to obtain examples and supporting evidence for the topic sentences of your body paragraphs. To do that, it is enough to mention the names of the sources. It is an obligatory step necessary to avoid issues with plagiarism that can result in a low or even failing grade. No matter if it is a research paper or dissertation writing, never forget to cite and reference your sources and add each of them in alphabetical order or order of appearance in the end (call that part Bibliography).

Students may have to use various writing styles (formats) to write a professional essay. Those are APA, AMA, MLA, CSE, McGill, Harvard, Vancouver, and many others. While some of them were founded by the educational institutions, others were proposed by different scientific organizations, respected in the whole world. Make sure which of the formatting guides you should use to write a good piece.

Final Thoughts

What is an illustration essay? Now that you know, do you face any problems with your assignments, like an illustrative paper? You can rely on the best essay writing service online created by our certified academic writers more than 15 years ago. From a topic and essay outline to the last word, our experts will develop and polish the document you order within the set period.

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