Informative Essay Topics - 31 Winning Ideas for Students

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Essays are an integral part of today's educational system. They help to evaluate a student's critical thinking, analysis, grammar, and word choice skills. This format of academic assignment is divided into multiple types that have different goals. For instance, papers can be descriptive, argumentative, interpretive. The latter is looked at as being one of the critical ones. A learner that writes a piece that aims to inform intends to clarify and explain a specific subject he/she presents.

Everything might seem clear and straightforward. However, an issue is bound to appear when you attempt to pick out a subject to bring up. Apart from that, you have to do research and decide which question will suit your target audience the best. Let's try to define the most engaging, informative essay topics, and how to design this informative process successfully.

How to Choose Informative Essay Topics

When you start thinking of a good informative paper, you fall to the risk of being overwhelmed. Everyone faces this issue. The best way to pick your subject matter is to examine what you are interested in the most. But, try to think of some surprising essay topics that are scarcely used. If you are obsessed with analog photography, you are highly encouraged to delve into that topic.

Moreover, you have to be rational, so find arguments that can be proven by credible sources. You will still have to explain them to the reader. Other than that, pay attention to the academic level because school students can find film photography hard to get a grasp on. Whereas a college student, for instance, might be thrilled to hear about it.

Informative Essay Structure

Even though informative essay topics may well differ from one another, they still require to follow commonly used structure. An essay writing relies on the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. To be brief but precise:


An excellent informative essay is introduced with a piece of background data on the given topic. By doing that, you hook the readers and make them read your piece. At the end of the introductory passage, you place a thesis statement. Be it a research paper, a descriptive piece, or an informative paper, the thesis is the vital part.

Main Body

Informative essay writing sticks to the same writing guides as other styles. In the body part, you develop your three main arguments, backing them up with academic sources. Usually, an interesting piece has three to four body paragraphs aiming to expand the topic. Meaning, you explain what you want everyone to take away from your text.


In the last passage, you wrap up everything you talked about and provoke the audience to act. Call to action aspires to open the discussion between the readers.

To write the best informative essay, you don't have to reinvent the wheel and think of a specific structure of the piece. If you don't follow these academic writing rules, you put yourself in danger of failing the task. Also, please consider being guided by the writing process plan, as it will decrease your time working on the assignment significantly.

Best Informative Essay Topics for High School Students

High school means high time for many to enhance their writing skills. You will be swept with an avalanche of essay topics and paper writing. When it comes to informative paper topics, you will have freedom of choice. Don't worry if you draw a blank while thinking of a great informational topic. Feel free to pick any topic from the list for your next assignment:

  1. How are school students affected by TV series these days?
  2. What are the social repercussions of smoking? Justify your opinion by providing examples. Is there a way to make people smoke less?
  3. World War 2 and the US. Economic perspective.
  4. Is anime an important genre? What can we learn from it?
  5. Domestic violence. The focal reason behind it.
  6. Why does censorship of art, music, and film exist? Is it good or bad?
  7. Discuss drug addiction and youth.
  8. Who is the most prominent individual in the modern history of the US?

These essay topics are a great opportunity to develop your creative writing and essay writing skills. Not only do they encourage using critical thinking, but they also enrich your vocabulary.

Informative Essay Ideas for College Students

When you start living that college life, you start writing more complex papers on exact subjects. That doesn't mean that essays are not interesting or enlightening. Conversely, informative ideas of a task tend to be more specific. High school students would have more difficulty trying to understand them.

For those of you who search for the best essay topics and no ideas come to your mind, check out what topics you can use:

  1. Do we still need libraries in the age of cutting edge technology? Does technology influence our education?
  2. What is the difference between an immigrant and a refugee? Do you think society should know the difference?
  3. What are the chief causes of homelessness?
  4. Driverless cars. What should we know about it? Pros and cons.
  5. Global warming. Fact or fiction?
  6. What are the signs of depression? How does it affect people's lives?
  7. Freedom of press. Does it exist?
  8. The rivalry between veganism/vegetarianism and fast food. Which type seems more viable?

A good informational piece can cover any topic. Bear in mind, however, that the higher your academic level is, the more your professor will demand from you. For instance, being a college student, you are more likely to make an informative process analysis. A process analysis essay aims to reveal your topic, show different directions of it, and the consequences it causes. For instance, analysis essay topics can be:

  1. Why are many people becoming infatuated with a healthier lifestyle?
  2. Why are talent shows so popular?
  3. Why do people start abusing drugs?
  4. Analyze how the writer's background influenced his/her literary work.
  5. Penury in Yemen. What is the driving factor?

Here are some essay topic ideas that require a strong analytical approach. An easy, informational piece won't rely on these topics, that's for certain. But if you wish to analyze something interesting, these paper topics are for you to choose from.

Ideas about Popular Culture

Regardless of your academic rank, you can choose any following essay ideas that will be great pieces:

  1. The definition of a pop-icon. What are the traits? Who influenced pop culture the most?
  2. High and low culture these days. Is there a difference? If so, justify your opinion.
  3. The importance of social media and its effect on people.
  4. Does fame corrupt a person and their life?
  5. Discuss the TV and its impact on the youth.

Topics on Success

  1. Do success and fame go hand in hand?
  2. How do people measure success these days?
  3. Do luck and serendipity play a role in achieving success?
  4. What factors make young people successful?
  5. A scientific definition of success.

To create a comprehensive informative essay, you have to take some crucial but easy steps. In the beginning, select the subject of your thinkpiece, having tested if it will be food for thought for your audience. Multiple essay writing guides, including ours, advise to conduct research and find scholarly sources. An informational topic has to be backed up with credible materials.

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