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Public speaking is not a talent that people are born with. It is rather a skill that can be gained through intensive practice. To become a good speaker, one should, first of all, learn how to write a speech, and college years are the best chance to do it. The traits of a good speechwriter and speaker involve:

  • Charisma
  • Humor
  • Charm
  • Persuasion
  • Motivation
  • Leadership

Most often, you will have to write speeches for the business-related disciplines. Students who choose MBA degrees face this type of assignment more often than others, as it is critical for them to master the art of convincing people and engaging them. It is all about selling products and services, and a good presentation is a must. If you wish to sell something successfully or make a deal, the idea is to create a powerful presentation based on a good persuasive speech outline template.

A persuasive speech is the most influential form of writing. The idea of it is for the author to get to the target audience, like potential partners or clients, to open up and take the same position on the specific topic. It does not necessarily mean that the presenter should know everything about the subject of matter. It is critical to inspire, engage, and motivate people so that they decide to follow you. The example of a famous speech could be the "I Have a Dream" piece by Martin Luther King and Jimmy Valvano's famous ESPY awards speech.

A good presentation should not include a detailed explanation. Just go through what a persuasive speech template tells you to. Do not forget to come up with both arguments for and counter-arguments to make your piece sound convincing. Keep on reading to find out how to structure convincing speeches and how a presentation outline should look like.

Monroe's Motivated Sequence Format: Persuasive Essay Outline Template

This one stands for a five-stage outline created to push your audience members to take action. It is one of the easiest and commonly applied approaches to convincing people as it is based on cognitive procedures, providing a clear structure to stick to in any life cases. The five recommended steps involve:

  1. Catching the eye - grab your audience's attention with a bang;
  2. Offering the problem to solve;
  3. Satisfying the need or solving the issue;
  4. Visualizing the possible consequences;
  5. Developing a powerful CTA (call-to-action).

The one who proposed these pillars of a great convincing speech was Aristotle. The legendary philosopher and teacher believed that the major value of a professional presenter and leader is their credibility (a.k.a. ethos). If you have a look at most of the sample persuasive speech paper outline templates, you'll find out that they tend to follow these five steps.

Apart from having a good persuasive speech outline template, you should know how to sound and look credible in the eyes of your audience. There are several points to consider:

  • Be on the same wave with your audience by putting yourself in their shoes.
  • Point out your trustworthiness objectively (you should really sound like an expert and know the topic from all aspects).
  • Think about what your listeners ponder about your expertise and image.

Do not be pushy or self-assertive. Your target audience is the one to decide whether they can trust you or not.

As for the process of establishing the need, the best way to show its urgency is through involving shocking facts or up-to-date statistics that will stress that the problem exists and has to be solved ASAP. An author should think about methods to show the direct and indirect ways the specific issue impacts the community, as well as the outcomes. If you have to write persuasive essay tasks, the same tips will be useful.

How about the ways to satisfy the need? If you look at the persuasive speech example, you can notice various charts, graphs, images, figures, and examples that the authors use to support a thesis statement or main argument. It is the most critical part of any persuasive speech outline example. Make sure that the audience completely understands your ideas. The visualization elements should be realistic and vivid.

Aside from motivating the audience to take immediate action toward the end, think about a memorable approach to closing your piece. To leave a long-lasting, positive impression, compliment the listeners, provide some "food for thought" in the shape of a quote or rhetorical question, or deliver a punchline.

Free Persuasive Speech Outline Template from Experts

In a standard argumentative essay outline, there are three parts: an introductory one, a body, and a concluding section. The three main points should correspond to the three body paragraphs. Along with a thesis, all of these are essential elements of a persuasive outline. One more part is an annotated bibliography that should contain all of the references to the cited or noted sources. The structure may depend on the type of speech:

  • Informative
  • Persuasive
  • Argumentative
  • Research
  • Generic

As the first one is classic, we'll have a closer look at the informative speech outline format. People usually prepare informative pieces to describe the existing problem and provide as many details about the topic as possible. The idea is just to share data. We can compare this type of writing to a descriptive essay. The best way to support this type is via a PowerPoint presentation, and the recommended way to outline persuasive essay tasks is:

  1. Intro
    An attention-getter, a thesis, credibility proof, preview, a transition statement to the first body paragraph.
  2. The body
    Major claims, starting from the first main point, sub-points, evidence, transition words.
  3. Conclusion
    Signals the end, restated central argument, wrap-up.

Do not forget to include a visual aid in the shape of tables, graphs, images, etc.

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