Social Issues Essay Topics and Ideas to Get Started on Your Impressive Paper

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Before you write a sociology paper, it is necessary to pick the corresponding topic. In 2020, social issues are especially important to discuss because of the adverse consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has impacted plenty of spheres, including social aspects, and now it is critical to find the solutions. The idea is to select the topic with some controversy so that it would be interesting to discuss it. Most times, students prepare the following types of social issues research essays:

  • Definition - identifying specific social terms
  • Argumentative - posing an argument
  • Descriptive - simply describing the existing problem in detail
  • Persuasive - trying to convince the audience of one's truth
  • Cause and effect - the reasons for issues to take place and their outcomes
  • Compare and contrast - finding differences and similarities between various social problems
  • Critical analysis - evaluating relevant, up-to-date articles
  • Extended - an essay that may exceed 5,000 words, etc.
  • Expository - an evaluation of the topic from your point of view.

Each social issue research paper may have its unique purpose, but the idea is always the same: to cover the problem in full and provide possible solutions or recommendations. All papers should be based on trusted sources. Do not use outdated materials, as social issues tend to change dynamically!

To keep your audience motivated enough to read the complete piece, you should think about current social issues and topics that are actively discussed in your community or the entire world. Make sure that you can find a sufficient amount of related sources. Go to the college research center or online library to collect primary and secondary data for your sociology essay. Once you are done with the social issues list, consult your professor to decide whether the selected points are okay and have something to do with your class and recently covered lessons. Some topics might be unacceptable, so do not waste your time on them.

When surfing the web, pay attention to the headings and trending hashtags. Visit blogs and other websites related to sociology, or just follow relevant pages and groups on social networks. Another good idea is to keep an eye on the news. You may highlight some keywords for yourself to search for the social issues essay topics later. If you are not sure how to select the buzzwords for an effective Google search, you can use numerous tips and tricks from SEO experts online. We also recommend inserting different keywords and terms in your work.

Done with the Topic Choice? Following Actions

Check whether the collected sources are academically proven and credible, marking the places that you would like to cite in your essay. You will need enough rational proof to support your ideas. Most teachers recommend avoiding open-source websites like Wikipedia (meaning those that can be composed and edited by almost any user on the Internet). Do not rely on what you find on websites, like Facebook or Twitter heavily - always double-check that info. To confirm the possible list of sociology essay topics, you will need to find relevant examples that are not biased or outdated.

After you select the sociology research topics, you should collect quotations and samples for your work. Make sure that the chosen parts of the text are easy to understand, explaining the terminology that might be unknown for an average citizen. You may add a glossary at the end of your research paper. We are here to provide you with the list of social issues essay topics - follow this article to find out more!

Social Issues Essay Topics That Are in Trend

  1. Sex employment versus paid rape
  2. Problems faced by the LGBT movement in the US
  3. Popular flash mobs around the globe
  4. Religious gatherings and their impact in the US
  5. The problems of orphans in the US
  6. Social stratification
  7. Modern fashion trends and role models
  8. Is the modern community overloaded by the amount of information?
  9. How should patients with COVID-19 be socially isolated?
  10. No more animal testing in the modern world!

Good Social Issues Topics

  1. Domestic violence towards women and children
  2. Sociological aspects of Buddhism (an idea for your religion research paper)
  3. War crimes across Eastern Europe
  4. The main attributes of the Third World Countries
  5. How should the Black Lives Matter protests be resolved? (one of the most relevant justice essay topics today)
  6. Is violence towards men acceptable?
  7. The social gap between male and female populations (for a gender research paper)
  8. Analyzing American society and the American dream
  9. Prevention measures used against child abuse
  10. Peace education should be added to every American school

The Best Social Issues for Writing a Research Paper

  1. The effects of sustainable consumption - trends and practices
  2. The top demanded positions in the US job market nowadays
  3. Effective methods used to prevent domestic violence in the UK
  4. What is wrong with fighting racism in the US today?
  5. The current social problems and debates in Russia
  6. The cultural heritage of Great Britain
  7. The effectiveness of government control in the war against tobacco
  8. Steps necessary to improve health care systems in the underdeveloped countries
  9. The primary reasons for some college students to become bullies
  10. The most memorable event from the civil rights movement

Interesting Topics for Your College Papers

  1. The best ways to punish illegal immigration
  2. Social factors that push one to drug abuse
  3. Low literacy rates in the digital age
  4. Discrimination in sports and how to deal with the rule-breakers
  5. Deprivation of the medical system and its outcomes
  6. Can ageism be treated as a new type of racism?
  7. Shall we implement free higher education for everybody in the United States?
  8. Fat-shaming: the problems of obesity in America
  9. The idea of building a wall between Mexico and North America
  10. The fear of face-to-face conversations created by social media

College Sociology Essay Topics

  1. Human industrial activities and their adverse consequences for the environment
  2. Dowry system and the way it impacts the female population
  3. Lack of funds required to meet the costs of everyday needs
  4. The right of a child under 16 to have a job
  5. Reasons for the teen pregnancy to occur so often
  6. Factors that predetermine poverty today
  7. Activities that instigate global warming
  8. Global Hunger Index and what it may say about different countries
  9. Evils caused by corruption: how to prevent this phenomenon
  10. Reasons to ban prostitution in every country of the world

Great Ideas for a Sociology Research Paper

  1. Common stereotypes in post-Soviet society
  2. The economics of war and their influence on humanity
  3. National identity or globalization
  4. Arguments against legalizing cannabis
  5. Access to the drinking water in the poorest regions of the world
  6. How to prevent a human being from committing suicide
  7. Reasons why convicts must still be punished after serving period
  8. The meaning of money in the modern American world
  9. Refugees in France and their rights
  10. White privilege

As social science is closely related to such disciplines as history, psychology, economics, criminology, political science, religious studies, anthropology, culture studies, liberal arts, and humanities, you may use some ideas listed above for the research papers for these disciplines. Need more thoughts? Media, Internet, news, a college library, and word-of-mouth are all powerful tools for collecting information. Just keep on searching, and you'll find the right topic for your essay, we have no doubt in that!

Some Final Tips from Writing Experts

No matter how good and accurate your work is, your paper will never get the highest grade if written on an improper or irrelevant topic. That is why this stage should always be the first and most critical. Once you decide on the idea, you can build a powerful thesis statement around it and start gathering the necessary evidence. A good topic is a guarantee of flawless, high-quality essays at any stage of your academic life.

Once again, make sure to find enough evidence to defend your position. Do not forget to present other perspectives on the argument to sound objective with your judgments! If you cannot choose proper social issues topics on your own, it is enough to inform our professional team of creative writers to get a good essay at any moment. Our team uses only the new approaches to writing essays on a great variety of sociology research paper topics.

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