Synthesis Essay Prompts: Best Topics for Your Piece

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A synthesis essay is arguably one of the most challenging tasks a student can get in school. There are several reasons for that:

  1. A synthesis essay requires analyzing some credible sources, which takes time.
  2. Although this piece is somewhat close to an argumentative piece, a synthesis has a different structure.
  3. Synthesis essay prompts have to be precise and require thorough research on the given topic.

These are the most severe pitfalls students face. The article delves into a synthesis essay, and the best synthesis essay prompts and provides a guide on how to choose the topic.

How to Choose a Topic

Often, educators assign essays with topics. On the one hand, it is good, as students can complete them quickly. On the other hand, students are frequently not satisfied with the topics. They treat home assignments as ordinary things, not delving into them.

Some professors with more progressive mindsets encourage students to work on the subject matter on their own. Teachers give them freedom of choice. And this practice has become extremely popular and useful throughout the years. Although this strategy is more favorable than the former, students still may be stuck with a topic. It is far from easy to select a synthesis essay prompt by yourself. To ease your struggles, take a look at our handy tips that will help you choose the topic:

  • Think about something interesting for you

That might sound trivial. However, following this method increases your chances of getting a good grade when you have freedom of choice. If you have to compose a synthesis essay, consider having a topic analyzed by credible academic sources. Apart from that, you will save a decent amount of time writing about a thing in your area of interest.

  • Narrow down the topic

Whatever you write about, make sure it is not excessively broad. Topics like gun control, global warming, technology are too general, and you will find hundreds of different sources. Plus, it is impossible to cover the entire subject within a two-page essay. The smaller the word count is, the more precise a topic should be.

  • Mull over possible debates

Before writing a synthesis piece, you have to make sure the essay is debatable. Your written discourse has to provoke future research, debates, or a simple discussion. It is an erroneous approach when students write tasks and are happy when there is no discussion afterward. Your piece has to motivate the audience to start talking. There is little reason to run debates if the subject is familiar and obvious.

Writing Techniques

Not only is the topic important, but also it is vital to know how to write the entire thing. There are several approaches to writing a synthesis essay. Depending on your subject, you may need to select a specific one. The most prominent writing methods are:

  1. Reason-reason-counterargument
    Using this strategy, you list reasons sequentially, providing a counterargument at the end. This method is useful when trying to obtain credits from the audience. By mentioning a counterargument, you prove that you are proficient in the topic and can defend your stance.
  2. Compare and contrast
    You examine the sources, pointing out their advantages and drawbacks. The structure is a bit like the previous one; though, a counterargument is replaced by comparing analyzed sources.
  3. Climactic order
    Like the deductive method, it aims to provide the reader with the most reasonable points. Following climactic order, you make sure the audience will remember essential aspects.

Topics for Synthesis Essays

You can find hundreds of synthesis essay topics on the web. However, the truth is not every subject serves as an excellent groundwork for your task. Choosing a random topic from a random website, you are unlikely to make your forthcoming piece stand out. "So where to find excellent synthesis essay prompts?" You might ask. You can check various topics for different academic level right here:

Topics for University Students

Radio draft

Radio has been influential in the United States for ages. What precisely is this influence? How does it affect people's lives? Has it improved people's lives or made it worse?

Based on three sources, take a position that defends, challenges, or qualifies the claim that radio has had a significant impact on people's lives.


The fact that commercials play a pivotal role in society is readily apparent to anyone who surfs the Internet, uses public transport, and even interacts with people daily. Different ads divide people into supporters and opponents. Advocates claim that commercials foster free trade and fair competition, whereas opponents prove ads to be full-fledged propaganda.

Based on four sources, write an essay in which you develop a stance on advertising's repercussions.

School curriculum

Many countries have a defined learning curriculum. Others, such as the United States, do not. Consequently, myriads of people say that the US's education system is ineffective.

Based on two sources, compose an essay comparing two sides of the school curriculum and identify the best option.


Veganism is a diet that eliminates eating, wearing, or using products of animal origin. Those who follow this diet say that it not only helps to reduce CO2 emissions but also saves millions of animal lives. Fierce opponents claim this diet to be insufficient in different vitamins and microelements.

Based on five sources, write an essay, and compare vegan and carnivore diets and their nutrients.

Monolingualism in American families

It comes as no surprise that the US is a monocultural country, accumulating hundreds of ethnicities. There are millions of families with different cultural backgrounds and native languages. Some people say that such monolingualism badly influences children's command of the English language. Others say the opposite.

Based on four sources, write a coherent, well-developed essay that argues a clear position on whether multicultural families positively impact their kids in learning English.

Topics for Middle and High School Students

  1. Do social media platforms promote stereotypes?
  2. Has journalism changed because of social media?
  3. Global warming and farming: consequences we should be aware of.
  4. Do we still need the death penalty?
  5. Do video games promote violence?
  6. Is it ethical to test vaccines on animals?
  7. Is the American dream still viable?
  8. Does cyberbullying jeopardize children's futures?
  9. Has the pandemic changed the education system?
  10. Are remote jobs our future?

The mentioned ideas can require looking for some material. Depending on your academic level, you may have to write more extensive synthesis texts. Ensure writing the essay in the MLA formatting style, the rules of which you can find here.

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