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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

Anything from a poem to a dissertation - you just name it! We're cool enough to cover the entire college assignments pool. So don't be shy and order your paper right the heck now, dude!

Can I talk to my writer during the writing process?

Sure! Chat about the process of their work, add some extra details that you previously forgot to mention, and check up on their hardworking soul! They're always happy to set your mind at ease!

Do you guarantee confidentiality?

Absolutely! We understand it'd be a bummer to have anyone know you used our services, and it could even mean cutting your grade or even getting kicked out. Who would want that? We certainly don't. No worries, homie!

How good are your writers?

Their qualifications are the bomb diggity! We have a pretty dope hiring system that only allows professional and put-together intellectuals on board of our awesome custom writing ship!

What subjects do you cover?

Pretty much anything you can find on a standard college syllabus. We have experts covering dozens of fields to make your experience with us worthwhile and beneficial. Everything from Math to Biology - all you need is ask!

Why should I trust you?

Because we're pretty serious about our rep, dude. Who will want to come to us if we mess with people? That's right, nobody. Check out the feedback our clients left about us and see for yourself. It ain't no thing but a chicken wing!

Will my paper be unique?

Duh. Like we said already, we care about our street cred. We're super uptight about ensuring the quality and originality of every paper our writers release to customers. We even have a special department that triple-checks everything!

Do you have discounts?

Sure! We know student life can be a synonym for "broke," so we make sure to cut the prices here and there. Plus, we continuously find occasions and reasons to send out some promo codes to our registered users, so don't miss those!

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